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Did You Know? - Cassey Nieto

Cassey Nieto

Did you know that Cassey has a bachelor's degree in theatre? She sure does...she received it at West Texas A&M University, where she met her husband Frank who was also a theatre major. Did you know her full name is Cassandra? Together they have 3 kiddos and some pets.

Cassey Nieto

As if working at a vet office and owning pets isn't enough animal interaction, she also acts as a foster home for a boxer rescue. Her most recent foster was a foster failure, and is now a permanent puppy in their home. You may have seen him around the clinic or on our clinic facebook. His name is Chaplin (after Charlie Chaplin who starred in silent movies) and this name is fitting because he is deaf.

Cassey Nieto

In addition to her new puppy, Cassey has two adult boxers, Waz and Gracie Mae, who you may know from their most recent hospital stay after eating trail mix with raisins in it. Cassey is a fan of both western medicine and alternative medicines, like acupuncture, which she has done on her pets with Dr. Carter.

Cassey Nieto   Cassey Nieto


Cassey loves the smell of sweets baking and hates the smell of vinegar. She was born in Dallas and would love to travel to Portugal. Cassey likes sonic, sangria, and queso and claims she gets "hangry" if she doesn't get lunch. Her favorite food is Serious Pizza and the last TV show she watched on Netflix was Paranormal. She loves the color sage green and says people describe her as OCD...this definitely fits her perfectionist DISC profile.

Cassey's DISC profile is a HIGH C and a fairly high D. Due to this personality profile, she can often be found perfecting her skills in many areas of the clinic. She began today at our Heath location to learn some of the nursing duties she is interested in. Cassey is an active moderator on our clinic Facebook and is always coming up with new ideas to make the clinic run more smoothly, helping perfect checklists and ensuring the front of the clinic is clean and organized.

Cassey Nieto

Thanks Cassey for your contributions to Animal Hospital of Rowlett and thanks for being our employee spotlight for October 2015.


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