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We Are an AAHA Accredited Hospital

AAHA Accredited veterinary practice

To become an AAHA hospital member, candidates must complete a 39-page self-assessment reviewing the hospital's services and facilities. Then, a trained AAHA practice consultant thoroughly evaluates the facility to be sure it complies with AAHA veterinary care standards. More information ...

Prescription Management Service

Vetsource Home Delivery

We are pleased to offer our clients home delivery of Hill's Pet Nutrition and medications. Just click the button above.

We are a Low-stress Handling Vet Practice

We believe pets and families deserve fear free handling, stress free visits, and lots of love at the vet.

What does this mean to you?

In our hospital. we pride ourselves on being a low-stress handling veterinary facility.  We promise that your pet will always receive loving care and gentle handling. By using low-stess and no-fear handling techniques on every one of our patients, we reduce many of the anxiety triggers. The result is a much calmer visit to the clinic.

We feel it is very important that none of our patients fear the vet and that they are comfortable on every visit. And that starts with their very first puppy or kitten appointment! The photo below is a perfect example of what we mean by low-stress handling.

Your Dog

This little fellow didn't even know he was getting his nails trimmed, but he sure loves going to the vet!

Low-stress vet clinic

Timid dogs who are less than 20 pounds, may find our tranquility suite the perfect option for a calm, soothing overnight stay. The guests in the Tranquility Suites receive soft ocean sounds, a view of a field of blue bonnets, an indoor grass-covered potty area, soft bedding, and plush toys to comfort them during their stay. Visit our Rowlett dog boarding page for more information

Your Cat

We even have a special cat entrance and an isolated portion of our hospital that caters to the special needs of our feline friends. Visit our cat hospital page for more information about our low-stress hanbdling techniques.

Your fear-free experience

We're proud to bring you, your family and your pets the convenience of all this goodness under one roof! Enjoy!

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