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Wayne Dooley - The Dog Trainer Guy, Rowlett, Rockwall TexasAnimal Hospital of Rowlett has teamed up with one of our amazing clients and fellow guide dog puppy raiser, Wayne Dooley, KPA CTP.  Wayne is a graduate of the prestigious Karen Pryor dog training academy. More information about him can be found on his website,  

Wayne offers "in-kennel" training for those clients who are interested in having their dog trained while they are boarding in our Rowlett pet hotel. What a great opportunity to have your dog come home from the pet hotel with a few more manners!  If you already have a very well behaved pup, you might consider having Wayne provide mental stimulation activities for your pet - he can teach them how to work puzzles, play games, and make sure they are nice and worn out when they come home!

He will offer several packages for dog training, both in kennel and in home!

Call now to help your pet become a responsible member of the family - 972-412-0101

In-Kennel Packages

In kennel training will mainly take place Monday-Friday with sessions lasting an hour total per day. Examples of session sets could be 30 minutes twice daily, or 15 minutes four times daily.  The training will mainly focus on the areas of obedience and behavior modification.  Mental stimulation is also part of daily training sessions, where pets learn to work treat puzzles and play games to "tire" them out and build mental stamina.  

Private/Semi-Private  Lessons

Expire 3 months from first session

Private lesson blocks will mainly be done at your home and will be on days of your choosing, schedules permitting.  The training can be anything you would like to your dog to learn.  Semi-Private lessons are also available if you have a friend or neighbor who wants to join at a reduced rate.

Puppy Classes

Puppy classes will be offered in our clinic lobby on Saturdays from 10am-11:00am.  The training will consist of learning how to communicate with your puppy, early obedience, and behavior imprinting.  Some topics covered in puppy classes are as follows:

Call now to help your pet become a responsible member of the family - 972-412-0101

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