Employee Spotlight - Fallon McFarland

Congratulations Fallon. Yes, Fallon. Like Jimmy Fallon. You are our employee spotlight for May 2016!

Fallon McFarlandI would attach tons of fun pictures of Fallon, but they don't exist. Fallon hates having her picture taken. She once punched Christen at a holiday party for getting too close to obtaining an actual photo. Ok, maybe not punched, but glared very harshly. I feared for my life....moving on....

​Fallon is a high S and a high C on her DISC profile. This is probably why she has such meticulous paperwork and always turns in her committee reports on time, or early. She has everything highlighted in different colors and every piece of paperwork comes with a "master key".

Fallon has really fat cats that don't like coming to the vet, but like a good kitty mommy, she makes them come see us for visits. Fallon loves pizza and should be the size of her cats, but she is very tiny and quick like a ninja. She can put a client into a room and be back at the front desk in 0.005 seconds. She moves like the wind.

If you don't follow Fallon on Facebook, you are missing out. She is the meme queen and posts at least 7,817 memes per day. Most of them have to do with cats, french bulldogs or pizza. Fallon has an unhealthy love for Frenchies...so all clients with Frenchies should hide yo' dog from her. Fallon has some really cool tattoos, one of them being a tribute to her late dog, Dixie.

Fallon is a very loyal employee. She is willing to come in and work for others when needed, she is never late to work, and she completes her tasks without leaving unfinished work for others. Fallon is friendly with the clients and makes excellent, long notes in the computer about all conversations. Fallon texts her end of day paperwork in Rowlett and Heath daily, without prompting.

Fallon was at the clinic for several hours to help the night after the December tornadoes and helped take in the lost animals, label them, and reunite animals with owners with the rest of the dedicated CSR staff.

We love Fallon and value her as an awesome part of our AHR team. If you see Fallon this month, tell her "good job" and bring her some pizza. But don't try to share her pizza....she will punch you.

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