Fun Cat Stuff

Custom Cat Trees You Can Build for Your Cat

Our Dr. Carter recently constucted a custom-made cat tree for her cat from materials she purchased at hardware stores and IKEA. Below are photos of her work. (click to enlarge):


Below is another example of a custom-made cat tree, this one built by one of our clients for her cat, Opie. See him?

Custom cat tree

 Our Favorite Cat Products

Many feline behavioral problems can be traced to boredom or lack of space for the feline inhabitants of the home. Despite what we mere mortal humans consider a spacious home, the natural territorial size that a house cat considers “my own realm” often exceeds our home’s size.

Providing your cat plenty of space, mental distractions, and physical activities will ensure he stays busy and feels safe and comfortable in your home.

Following is a link to many of our favorite cat products that you can buy online, or even make yourself. Have fun watching your furry friend become master his universe!

Be Your Cat's Superhero

be Your Cat's Super HeroAlso, download our Be Your Cat’s Superhero brochure for more creative ways to enrich your cat's environment.


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