Medical Services

Animal Hospital of Rowlet - Modern Surgery Suite
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Routine Medical Care

Yearly or semi-annual physical examinations by our highly trained doctors is one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy and detect problems early. Complete physical examinations are the foundation of any preventative health program.

Internal Medicine

Our veterinarians have the expertise to diagnose and treat any disease/illness your pet may develop. We routinely deal with illnesses of pets referred to us from our colleagues - We are happy to work with your regular veterinarian in diagnosing and treating your pet's illness.


Please see our vaccination protocols.

Laboratory Testing
Surgery and Anesthesia

The most up to date anesthetic protocol available- the safest available for pets-isoflurane

Animal Hospital of Rowlett and Diagnostic Center now uses CO2 Laser for treatments and surgery. Laser is a very exact and safe way to treat many small animal problems. Lasers are used extensively in human dermatology, surgery, ophthalmology and dentistry.


Video-endoscopic imaging of the internal organs allows us to look inside the stomach, intestinal tract, trachea and lungs without major surgery. We can remove foreign objects or take biopsies to help diagnose chronic problems without major surgery.


We perform dental scaling and polishing (prophylaxis) for dogs and cats. To do this we utilize ultrasonic scaling technology and a high speed polishing unit. In addition, during the dental procedure, we evaluate the oral cavity for health and offer solutions for diseased teeth and gums (gingivitis). We also can perform digital dental x-rays to better diagnose and treat dental disease in your pet.


We have the latest technology in ultrasound equipment. This allows much greater diagnostic capabilities on your pet. We can see into the abdomen and examine the kidneys, liver, prostate or uterus. Ultrasound is the best way to evaluate the heart for diseases, allowing optimal treatment. We can examine the eyes for tumors, abscesses or retinal problems. Pregnancy examinations with ultrasound is the safest and earliest method of detection. We utilize ultrasound to guide biopsies of the internal organs or masses in the body.

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